Be happy.

This is my blog. It's filled with who I was, who I am, and who I'd like to be. Enjoy. Babe(s)

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Behind the scenes with Linde Werdelin.More of our footage at




My thighs are huge cuz they’re full of secrets

Wrap them around my ears and let me hear them all

You smooth motherfucker

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Sometimes I think to myself, “do I really want to buy another chocolate bar?”
And then I remember that there is a super volcano under Yellowstone that is 40,000 years overdue and when it erupts it could potentially cover most of north America in ash and create a volcanic winter that kills half the worlds population
And I’m like, fuck yeah I want that chocolate bar

This is one of the most inspiring posts i’ve ever seen

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do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking

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